What We Do

We welcome requests from companies and organizations who would benefit from a fresh, complementary perspective to traditional innovation consulting, a jolt in thinking, exploring a new business model, or ideating a new product or service.

We are currently accepting applications for our 8-Week Innovation Incubator Projects which start January 2018. Contact us to schedule a call to discuss your needs or request an invitation to participate.

8-Week Innovation Idea Incubator Project
Eight companies and organizations are selected each Spring and Fall to bring a problem to solve and teams are curated based on best match with skills and interests.

Teams are mentored and work closely with companies to experiment, run technology sandboxes, execute ideas, create proofs of concepts, do research, and/or demonstrate incremental innovation.

Companies will be invited to participate as deeply as they wish with team members or may choose to check in mid- and end-point on progress and a presentation will be provided to each company at their location.

Any IP owned by the company will be protected during the course of the project.

  • Real-world sandboxes for learning, exploring and developing proofs of concepts
  • Teams are selected based on skills and interests and can be made up of interns, professionals, partners and/or business community leaders
  • Companies benefit by testing new ideas and gaining access to talent