University of Wisconsin Center for Corporate Innovation

cci-logoLaunching in January 2017, we are a hub for innovation, collaboration and exploration at the UW including peer mentoring, exec communities, thought leadership and hands-on exploration. Our aim is to help mid- to large-sized corporations access talent and university resources while solving real-world, immediate business innovation problems.

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Here is a sampling of what we will offer in 2017:

Innovation Strategy For Executives:

This innovation leadership program helps senior executives refine strategic vision, to seize new opportunities, to better manage risk, and to drive sustainable competitive advantage. The balance of vision, strategy and effective execution enables the ability to manage exponential markets, detect and leverage emerging disruptive technologies, and position the company for continuous growth.

Executive Circles
For VPs and up; High touch executive community with peer exchanges and collaborative problem-solving with micro-groups focused on areas such as New Consumer Lifecycle, Connected Life, Healthcare, and Blockchain.

Executive Summit: The Next 20 Years
An “unconference” with no Powerpoints, only in-depth conversation with top thought leaders and other executives from leading companies. Configured as a series of small intimate executive chats in an executive retreat center, on topics from leadership to emerging technologies to ideation jumpstarts.

Innovation Master Class
A Five Day Tour of Innovation in Silicon Valley. This is a practical and experiential exploration of the most important issues in innovation management for the 21st century. This is an opportunity to dialog with innovation management peers from around the world and learn from leading experts in the world’s capital of technology innovation.

Includes visits to Silicon Valley’s leading innovators to gain insight and inspiration. An intensive workshop on building an Innovation Master Plan and implementing an Agile adaptive design sprint. Learn Design Thinking from Professor Michael Barry at Stanford D School. End the week by learning how to master the art of Soulful Branding with Jerome Conlon, who ran branding at Nike and Starbucks.

This is an advanced program for those with significant innovation responsibilities. This workshop offers certification by the International Association of Innovation Professionals (IAOIP).

21st Century Leadership
An intensive program that teaches you how to give a breath-taking TED Talk. We teach how TED works – from how the content is structured, to how presentations are delivered, to how they are shot. The “formula” for a TED talk is to deliver a presentation that is concrete, credible, emotional, unexpected and features “WOW” moments – to illustrate the “jaw dropping ideas” that are the mark of a great TED talk.

This 2 day workshop, led by globally renowned speaking coaches and motivational speakers, like Jack Canfield, Scott Faber, and Scott Coady. The program extends into a three month intensive training program focused on training 3 executives from leading companies. The program concludes with the filming of a “demo reel” in which the participants are videotaped using the same 5 camera production model that TED uses.

Team Leadership for Innovation Managers:

An innovation management program to help senior managers learn effective design leadership skills and demonstrate how it positively affects every facet of a product or service by encouraging and guiding innovation, empathy, execution, and successful delivery.

MindSpark Workshop
An innovation workshop unlike anything you have ever experienced. Drawing on decades of study, practice and experience, the workshop conductors have woven proven innovation principles with powerful transformational exercises, deep self-exploration and eye-opening doses of inspiration and motivation to help you and your team unlock the deepest resources of creativity. This highly experiential format literally transforms you at your core being to live and breathe innovation as well as be a happier, more confident, more focused person with the commitment to become an unstoppable success. This is not just about learning how to come up with ideas, it’s about achieving life mastery through the path of creativity, to impact all areas of your life.

Co-facilitated by Jack Canfield, America’s #1 success coach and workshop leader, whose books Success Principles™ and Chicken Soup for the Soul® have sold more than 500 million copies in 47 languages.

Agile Innovation Workshop
Innovation is now a top priority for every organization. This workshop brings together the principal thought leaders in the emerging arena of Agile Innovation. Through this workshop you will better understand the principles of agility and innovation and how to apply them immediately to your organization to spark rapid progress in its innovation practices, processes, attitudes, and environment. They are fun, dynamic, and engaging learning experiences that will lead to immediate and significant improvements in your firm’s innovation results.

This workshop is led by Moses Ma and Langdon Morris, the authors of the book Agile Innovation. The workshop is co-facilitated by Jeff Sutherland, who has helped hundreds of companies use Scrum to drive revenue by dramatically improving quality and productivity. Jeff formed the first Scrum team in 1993, is an original signatory to the Agile Manifesto, and has done more to further Agile development than anyone on the planet. He is the author of Scrum: The Art of Doing Twice the Work in Half the Time.

BrandSpark Workshop
Drawing on decades of practice and thought leadership into developing more meaningful and iconic brands, this unique workshop experience takes you on an inspiring and insightful journey to the heart of brand development.  This highly experiential format transforms the way you’ll view brand planning as you learn to work with new perspectives, questions, tools and process.  It’s not so much learning how to be more efficient in your marketing – it’s about how to be more effective and engaging as a brand.  It’s about how to put more life into your brand in order to broaden the level of enthusiastic appeal to all key constituents.

The workshop facilitators Jerome Conlon, Moses Ma and Langdon Morris, draw from and combine principles touched upon in their recently published books Soulful Branding and Agile Innovation to accelerate your understanding of brand planning techniques in use by some of today most successful and iconic brands such as Nike, Apple, Starbucks, Disney, FullSail University and others.

One application of mindfulness training is the development of the ability to focus intently on the task at hand. But for a significant share of the population, focus doesn’t come naturally – and we’re faced with unique and new challenges: the cognitive pressure of multitasking lifestyle and the stress of accelerating technology. In this immersive learning experience participants will take a focus skills self-assessment, unlock procrastination patterns to transform the frustration cycle, learn the FOCUS formula, learn time management techniques, learn techniques for unleashing creativity, practice visualization exercises to boost productivity and energy, learn strategies for adherence.

This course will be facilitated by Dr. Meryl Lipton, a neurologist and neuroscientist and former director of the Rush Neuro-Behavioral Institute.