Lean Innovation for the Enterprise Boot Camp

brantLean Innovation for the Enterprise Boot Camp

Date: March 2017 (date TBD)

Location: 1403 University Avenue, Madison, WI | Parking and Location

Cost: Early bird pricing if registering before February 1: $1,250/attendee. If registering after February 1: $1,750/attendee
You may also inquire about a customized, onsite half-day version of this session for your team- Inquire about details and pricing for an onsite version of this workshop.

Come to this session and work with a diverse team of other professionals or bring your team to an intensive, hands-on one and half-day workshop. You will learn design thinking and lean innovation methods for the enterprise while advancing specific business projects or working on a provided business problem to solve.


Each team will be assigned a coach with Brant Cooper, co-author of the New York Times Bestseller, The Lean Entrepreneur, facilitating the session.

In this day and a half workshop, you will learn the Lean Innovation process in a fast-paced, hands-on environment where you’ll make progress on real projects. You will learn cutting-edge innovation skills used by Silicon Valley startups and corporations like GE, Google, and CapitalOne.

We are only accepting a limited number of teams from selected companies:
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Brant Cooper helps organizations big and small innovate. He is the co-author of the New York Times Bestseller, The Lean Entrepreneur and is a sought after speaker, advisor and mentor.

Much more than just learning, this event is a real work sessions focused on prepping ideas for a next stage.

We are offering this opportunity to a selected number of individuals and teams from mid-to large-size corporations  who will roll-up their sleeves for a day and a half of hands-on, fast-paced innovation work on real business issues. This intimate event with personalized coaching will maximize deep experiential learning and tangible project impact.

  • Small group interactions focused on learning approaches to innovation thinking, generating ideas, and leaving with specific next actions
  • Combines inspiration, peer‐to-peer learning and facilitated activities to identify and prioritize key problems to solve in a unique experiential learning environment
  • Co-facilitated by Brant Cooper, leading innovation consultant and co‐author of The Lean Entrepreneur

Who Should Attend: Individuals and teams from mid- to large- corporations who would benefit from an intensive coaching session to make progress on a specific business problem. We will work with you to identify a meaningful problem and impactful outcome so that attendees leave with real progress. We expect problems to be diverse: spanning innovation, business development, sales, marketing, product design, engineering, or other facets.

Why Attend:
Organizations spend tens of millions of dollars on product development, much of which is spent on bringing new technology to existing products; millions more developing and executing go-to-market strategies based on decades old “best-practices”; and millions more optimizing the efficiency of existing internal business processes.

Are you confident you’re allocating your capital correctly?

Digital transformation and structural economic changes means we face more market uncertainty and volatility than ever before. How do you feel about the state of your product and innovation portfolios? Are your go-to-market strategies aligned with customer needs and desires? What’s your risk of failure?

To successfully compete in today’s environment, enterprises must understand their customers deeply, move with speed and agility, and act bold. They must be able to kill bad ideas quickly and invest in good ones based on market evidence. They must stop wasting time, money, resources and even creativity launching products nobody wants.

How much would working this way be worth to your company?

About the Workshop:
From new product introductions to internal process reinvention, the Lean Innovation methodology has been proven to unlock new growth opportunities while eliminating wasted time, money and talent.

Day 1:
You will be introduced to lean innovation principles, including design thinking and lean innovation tailored for the enterprise.  You will focus on forming your business challenge, creating customer personas, and defining early assumptions around their problems and potential solutions.  Most importantly, you will plan and practice your Day 2 interaction with customers.

Day 2:
This day begins with developing customer empathy by interviewing existing and potential customers. Using the insights gathered in this stage, you and your team will zoom in on your early adopter. You will learn how to design and execute rapid experiments that identify and test the riskiest assumptions of your idea.

We’ll conclude the workshop by having each team present their journey to a team of judges and discuss how these principles can be brought back to your business.

Participants will exit the workshop with not only insights about your customers, but more importantly, with a new way of thinking and working. Your newly found skills can be immediately put to use to gain new insights, move faster and act!

You’ll be able to:

  • Build deeper understanding of what customers really need or desire.
  • Quickly brainstorm and prioritize potential solutions to test.
  • Design experiments that reduce risk and lead to rapid learning.
  • Turn insights into action that drive project impact.

Projects that are a good fit for this approach:
Any project that is in its early stages of development/scoping that serves current customers, potential customers, or even fellow employees.

To maximize personalized attention, we are only accepting a limited number of attendees: Request an invitation for this event