How it Works

The approach is based in listening to companies and organizations who need new ways to manage disruption. Move faster. Generate fresh ideas. Find safe environments to try new things. Drive agile thinking into their process. Launch new ideas.

What if these organizations could generate new ideas rapidly in an environment designed for breakthrough thinking, hands-on learning, and application of innovative methodologies in a unique collaboration various universities, other corporations, accelerators, and leading consultants. And then take those ideas to the next stage by:

  • Immersing in an environment of creative, innovative, outside thinkers who bring fresh ideas, context and skills
  • Exploring out-of-the-box ideas and recruiting talent with multi-disciplinary university students and mentors
  • Advancing and sustaining innovation with proven tools and techniques

Our process starts with a Two-Day Immersion for generating a lot of disruptive ideas. Those ideas are refined into one or two and can then be taken internally, into an 8-week exploratory project or to a 6-week adaptive sprint facilitated by professional consultants.

Here is how it works:

Two-Day Immersion Event Designed for those leading innovation in their organizations, these events are a unique experiential opportunity. Much more than just learning, the events are real work sessions focused on prepping ideas for a next stage.

  • Small group executive interactions focused on learn approaches to innovation thinking, generating ideas, and leaving with specific next actions
  • Combines inspiration, peer‐to-peer learning and facilitated activities to identify and prioritize key problems to solve in a unique experiential learning environment
  • Co-facilitated by Moses Ma, leading innovation consultant and co‐author of Agile Innovation and Soulful Branding

Companies can take ideas internally or can choose from several options for next actions with ideas generated in the immersion event:

8-Week Learning Lab Project Companies provide selected ideas/questions related to innovation, IoT, entrepreneurship or an out-of-the box question. IP is protected and companies work closely with their teams to define outcomes.

  • Real-world sandboxes for learning, exploring and developing proofs of concepts
  • Teams are selected based on skills and interests and can be made up of interns, professionals, partners and/or business community leaders
  • Companies benefit by testing new ideas and gaining access to talent
  • Presentations are made internally to companies
6-week Adaptive Design Sprint Specifically designed to produce a proof of concept from an immersion event. This adaptation of the 5-day sprint is intended to create a sustainable model for applying innovative ideas internally.

  • Engage with expertise from consultants  over a 6-week period in weekly scrum meetings, periodic half day intensives, and utilizing an online environment
  • Trial access to online tools for identifying points of disruption and sustaining innovation for the sprint period
  • Learn new techniques and develop a proof of concept during this period with professional assistance
Complete Custom Innovation Program Organizations also can have the option to engage a full Innovation SWAT Team to develop a comprehensive Innovation Master Plan for your organization.

  • Integrated and customized innovation training for the entire team
  • Two day Strategic Ideation Intensives to generate a number of disruptive innovation candidates
  • A 6-8 week Adaptive Design Sprint program that kicks off with a traditional five day intensive to develop a concept mock-up, and is followed by a 6 week effort to build an MVP prototype
  • All required software system to support the entire process, including the Idea Machine for intelligently harvesting ideas and solutions, Innometrics for optimizing your innovation, and the Disruption Map for tracking emerging threats and opportunity spaces

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