Companies and organizations need new ways to manage disruption. Move faster. Generate fresh ideas. Find safe environments to try new things. Drive agile and lean thinking into their process. Launch new ideas.

What if these organizations could generate new ideas rapidly in an environment designed for breakthrough thinking, hands-on learning, and application of innovative methodologies in a unique collaboration with various universities, other corporations, accelerators, and leading consultants. And then take those ideas to the next stage by:

  • Immersing in an environment of creative, innovative, outside thinkers who bring fresh ideas, context and skills
  • Exploring out-of-the-box ideas and recruiting talent with multi-disciplinary university students and mentors
  • Advancing and sustaining innovation with proven tools and techniques

Hyper Innovation is a privately-held entity that brings universities, corporations, and start ups together to solve problems. We offer an Innovation Idea Incubator and Living Lab programs for corporate-driven early stage ideas and stuck problems and provide leading innovation thinking and tools to sustain the journey.

We combine peer-to-peer learning, hands-on experimentation, and application of proven innovation methodologies in diverse on-demand teams customized to each problem. Working closely with companies, the result is directly relevant, actionable insights and proofs-of-concept.

By bringing the right team to the right problem to solve, we connect ecosystems to accelerate innovation. Contact us if you would like to join us.

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